4 Tips To Make Your eBay eBook Auctions Better

October 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

eBay really is the world’s online marketplace, especially when it comes to auctions. Go ahead and try to think of another auction site. Some may say Yahoo or Amazon, but those are a very small minority. Most online users don’t even know that auctions exist outside of eBay. The customer base on eBay grows by the thousands every day. eBay also fosters this growth by accepting new ways of selling, new technology, and new products.

I sell eBooks, software, and website scripts on eBay. All of these products are sold and delivered digitally. I never have to house an inventory, go to the post office, or even get out of my pajamas. I love the freedom that eBook selling gives me. Not only do I get to work at home but if I work harder I earn more money. None of my previous jobs were like that!

I am not alone. There are many people who have already started selling digital products on eBay. There is a small number of eBay sellers who are doing quite well. Then there is the rest. It is estimated that 90% of all new eBook sellers on eBay give up in the first 90 days. I hope that by sharing a few secrets that I have learned, you can make your eBay eBook Auctions better

Work Hard On Your Auction Description

After all, you only have to make this one time so put some work into it. Create yourself a standard auction template to work from. This way all of your items will look neat and professional. Don’t just put up the sales page that came with an eBook you purchased! Edit that sales page and insert it into your own auction template.

Focus On Your Title

The title is the first thing an eBay buyer will see. If this doesn’t get them to click on your listing its over! Chances are, there are many similar eBooks to yours or even multiple copies of the eBook you are selling. Your title must grab attention to your listing or it will not get looked at! Find good search keywords for the eBook’s subject and work them into a 55 character sales pitch.

Be Unique

I have noticed that when I completely re write a sales page for an eBook I sell more. When I inject my personality into the auction description and tell people what I like about the items I sell more. You have to stand out and above the crowd…being unique is a great way and its free!

Give Away GOOD Extras

Everyone loves a deal and everyone loves something for free. Does it really hurt you to give away a couple eBooks with every purchase? No, of course it doesn’t! Pick some of your highest converting eBooks and place then on your auction listing as free bonus gifts. If a buyer is on the fence about your listing, a free gift will often push them to the buy it now button. I have also found that giving away bonus items at my download pages has been quite effective.

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