5 Great Tips for Buying a House

October 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

There is an old saying in real estate investing that says: “It’s a benefit to buy, not when you sell.” This is especially true in a buyer’s market. From Feng Shui decor is fashionable in recent times, it is important to incorporate some of their concepts before buying your next home.

Here are some of the salient house buying tips you should consider before buying a house or your next house.

1. Be careful with the stairs opposite the front door inside the house. A staircase in this position allows energy to run out of the house, which has a negative impact on new opportunities, health and wealth. If the house is perfect for you at all but not in this sense, then hang a crystal between the door and the stairs, hang a mirror on top of the stairs, artwork displayed in the stairwell (keeping picture the cluster level instead of staggered) and place a bounty of flowers or plants well above the inside of the door.

2. Energy that has no movement could serve as barriers to your wants and objectives. Sometimes too many energy can be a problem, energy from a non-moving pool can be so unpleasant. These “reserve power” often occur at dead ends or end of a dead end. Moreover, to improve this terrible circumstances a landscaping can be employed, you can plant bright flowers and trees, make use of banners or wind-chimes and also flags to add movement to the area.

3. Location is also another important house buying tips. Protect your house with beautiful landscaping if it happens to be in a good position. Do not buy a house at the end of a crossroad. A house in this spot will be usually stormed with energy as the roads are channels of energy, which could be a source of various problems for its inhabitants.

4. It is difficult for beneficial energy to enter a house with an entry that is below street level. Avoid buying such type of house. From the beginning, install accent lighting to lighten the front, which can aid “lift” the energy if you really must buy this house.

5. Another necessary house buying tips is that if you choose a house with a bathroom in the center, incorporate the element of earth in space decorated with yellow or beige, installing ceramic tile and hanging a landscape photo. Bathrooms located in the center of the house can cause your energy to drain, leaving you feeling tired and lethargic. Real or silk plants and pictures of trees, flowers and gardens are also helpful.

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