Antique Bathroom Vanities

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An antique bathroom vanity is a great choice to update a bathroom of any size and decorative style. Antique vanities offer greater storage options, soften the sometimes sterile look and feel of bathrooms, and are available in multiple styles and shapes to suit almost any space.

Bathroom vanities have a variety of surfaces that can stand up to regular exposure to water and moisture. Marble is a traditional vanity topper that is extremely resistant to breakage, cracking, and scratching. Additionally, antique vanities can be topped with granite, stone, travertine, or hard wood. The vanity itself may be constructed in a variety of woods from deep mahoganies to lighter pines. Fixtures that meet modern plumbing standards are easy to install, and may be purchased in a great variety of styles to match your antique vanity. Many vanities also held to hide the plumbing that can be exposed by other sink styles such as pedestals.

Antique bathroom vanities are beautiful focal points, and even conversation pieces, while also offering convenient space for storage. Bathrooms, by their very nature, require the storage of toiletries, towels, scales, and other items that can lead to a cluttered look. An antique bathroom vanity offers ample storage space within real furniture that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room. A real wood vanity serves to replace functional, but unattractive storage such as bins, crates, and shelving that usually serves this purpose.

We all want a clean bathroom, but at times, the environment can feel almost cold. Tile provides an easy cleaning surface, as well as a clean look, but can be too severe. A beautiful way to soften the look is with a antique bathroom vanity that brings comfort and warmth to the room. The contrast between the modern and familiar brings a welcome balance, and allows guests and family alike to feel at ease.

Today, antique bathroom vanities come in a wide selection of styles and sizes, so that they are an option for almost any size or style room. Plain, Shaker-style vanities can be paired with exposed, free standing sinks in copper or porcelain. Larger, double-sink vanities can be accented with beveled mirrors to create a striking focal point in a larger bathroom. Vanities with large surface areas can replace the need for a traditional dressing table. Antique bathroom vanities prove useful and attractive in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms as well. Vanities used in smaller spaces are more compact, but can feature more height than the traditional sink. Some of these vanities are only 23 inches wide, yet provide the same functionality of a much larger sink. Replacing a traditional laminate cabinet and sink combination with a free standing antique bathroom vanity can immediately open much needed space in a small area.

Antique bathroom vanities offer a way to bring your personal style and a sense of warmth and elegance into one of the most often used areas of your home.

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