Aspen’s First Green House Up for Auction

June 7, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Going, going…green.

Concierge Auctions will sell Aspen’s first Gold LEED certified home next month. Vision House Aspen was originally listed at $ 13,975,000 and will sell live at site in cooperation with Wendy Lucas of Wendy Lucas Aspen.

“Vision House is not only breathtaking in design, but it’s also arguably the most eco-friendly residence in Aspen. From the visible finishes on the interior and exterior to the unseen features behind the walls, every element was precisely planned,” Lucas stated. “My clients are the most motivated sellers in Aspen and are committed to finding a new owner on January 28th.

Interested buyers should call the auction hotline or visit the open houses daily from 1pm to 4pm. This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.”

The 6750 square foot home seamlessly fuses the luxurious lifestyle of Aspen living with environmentally friendly design, offering six bedrooms, six full bathrooms and one powder bath. Located on 2.33 acres in the W/J Subdivision on McLain Flats, future residents will get a 360 degree view of Aspen Mountain, Snowmass Mountain, Capitol Peak, Mt. Daly, the Upper Roaring Fork Valley and open pasture.

The master bedroom alone is enough to make a minimum bid, which oddly enough isn’t required to participate. A third of the first floor, cozy up with your significant other in a glass-enclosed shower, spa bathroom with custom tub and walk in closet – it’s like staying at your own, personal hotel suite.

“As one of the most sought-after resort location in the world, Aspen is destined to forever remain a premier place to live, visit and enjoy,” stated Mike Russo, Vice President of Project Management for Concierge Auctions. “Our business development team canvasses the nation to identify opportunities that best fit our platform – premier properties owned by the most motivated sellers.

We are very specific about the assignments we accept, and Vision House fits the mold perfectly. Buyers who take a ‘wait-and-see’ approach will soon learn they have missed a tremendous opportunity to own one of Aspen’s finest homes for a great value.”


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Good research = great deals.

How to buy a house at auction includes some due diligence…do this well and you could end up with a great house and a great price.

1. Is the house vacant … if not, will you get vacant occupancy

2. Have an inspection done if possible … but at least drive by, have as good a look as possible.

3. Go to country websites or offices directly to search for any outstanding liens or restrictions – bank liens, county liens, taxes outstanding, utilities, builders’ liens, IRS liens….

4. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, research it, go there, call a realtor

5. Get a Comparative Market Analysis – know the value ahead of time

6. There are different responsibilities and liabilities than buying a house the traditional way – find out what they are.

7. Attend an auction as a spectator ahead of time to see how it works in that area – they’re all a little different.

8.Set your maximum price , it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion.

Understand that it’s the auction houses’ job to get the most money for the property as they can….remember that when the bidding starts.

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