Auction Bidding Made Easy With Auto Bidders

August 11, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

First off let us discuss what an auto bidder actually is. Most companies tote their software as an automated guarantee that you will always win items on site like EBay or any amount of random auction sites. You simply program it to bid up until it hits your pre set limit. So the neat little piece of software will keep running in the background until it reaches a bid limit you set or you have won the item you wanted. Well no actually

The inherent problem with auction bidding even when you are glued to your screen is that you just do not know what other bidders are going to do. An auto bidder may seem like a life saver but to be honest I have struggled to find a piece of software that delivers on any of its promises. Ok thats a lie; I did find one that looked just like the screenshot said it would but fell completely short when I tried to use it. So at least it was accurate in some way.

I sat and watched in horror as these pieces of software lost me item after item that I was desperate to get my grubby mitts on. Ok in all fairness I probably should have tried them out on items I did not really care about but you live and learn. The reason I kept trying was that each piece of software I tried had potential to be awesome and I am sure that if the programmers spend some more time tweaking key components we could end up with a great piece of software that will help you keep on top of your auction bidding.

The main problem with software like auto bidders is that no one really knows the legality of them. It could be taken as using software to play your online gambling for you. In the end it takes the fun out of the whole operation. Why would you want to not be involved in the action packed last minutes of bidding? That why auctions got so popular in the first place, it was FUN!

Ok I get that some people will do anything to get this one specific item they have been dreaming about for no one knows how long but other than that, what is the point in automating the whole thing? That is why eBay introduced the buy now button so you could make the choice that you actually wanted something so bad you would pay full price for it. At the end of the day it does not really matter if it is you are a piece of software deciding that you have hit your limit on bidding, the only thing that worries me is when someone figures out how to exploit the software to gain an advantage and because of that I think it should be sites like eBay that actually come forward and design something like a descent auto bidder to ensure it only gets used correctly.

Hari seldon is the webmaster behind a penny auction statistics resource for bidders where they can build their bidding strategy.