Bank Owned Homes As Sound Investments

June 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Bank owned homes are attractive to many investors because they are priced affordably and offer the possibility of returning huge profits. Investing in bank foreclosures is not without its risks. However, the risks are avoidable if you take time to identify them and take some steps to prevent losing your investment.

First of all, understand why there are thousands of homeowners who lose their homes to foreclosures. Almost all are due to the failure of paying their monthly mortgage, which led to lenders foreclosing on the property to recover their investments. Some lost their houses to foreclosure because they were unable to pay their taxes.

Some Risks and How to Avoid Them:

Bank owned homes are sold ‘as is’, meaning whatever repairs and renovations to be made on the property will be done by the buyer. That is why it is a must that you thoroughly inspect the house before buying them to determine whether the cost of repairs is within your budget. If you think that the property that you want to buy needs considerable repairs to make it livable, use this to negotiate with the bank for a lower price.

If you have the handyman skill, you do the repairs yourself, thus saving you money. The lower the amount of money that you have to spend for the purchase and repair of the property, the higher the profit you can expect to get from it if you decide to sell it in the future.

Buying Real Estate Owned:

Real estate owned or REOs are properties that were not sold at foreclosure auctions and reverted back to banks. Be prepared to negotiate with banks by knowing what you are buying. Know the current market value of the property you want to buy, its condition and whether its location is a good one. Use this information in negotiating with banks. It is not unusual for banks to reject the first offer that you will make for the property, so be prepared to make several counter-offers for bank owned homes.

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