Bank Owned Homes For Sale: Making An Offer

July 13, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

The residential real estate market is flooded with bank owned homes for sale. This situation stemmed from a rising number of homeowners finding themselves in dire financial straits, neck deep in mortgage payments, and showing a negative in their home equity. Because of this, thousands of properties have faced foreclosure and even more are now foreclosed and awaiting buyers.

Banks do their homework before offering bank owned homes for sale. They have a solid idea of the value of a home before they even foreclose on it. Banks spend resources of getting a Broker Price Opinion in order to determine the real market value of the foreclosures they own.

The best source of bank owned foreclosures are online foreclosure listings service sites. These sites compile an extensive list of all kinds of foreclosures across the country. The database is user friendly, and conducting a search is a breeze.

There are other tools and services available to subscribers, all designed to make the selection process easier. It may also be a good idea to touch base with a real estate broker or agent that specializes in bank owned homes. These specialists have long standing relationships with banks and asset management companies and they can definitely guide buyers on making an offer that is acceptable to the home seller.

The Offer

Before even considering a money value for the offer, buyers should hire a contractor to make an assessment of the funds required to bring the property to a livable level. You should also survey the value of similar homes in the same area. These are the main things you will think about when coming up with an offer.

There are some of the things that will impact the banks decision to accept you offer. If a home requires significant rehabilitation, the seller may require buyers to present records pertaining to their financial capability to close, such as assets or construction financing.

When buyers plan to pay through financing, then the bank will be less inclined to stray from its original asking price. On the other hand, cash buyers may find the negotiations smooth sailing and the bank a little more flexible to their demands. All in all, the best type of offer for bank owned homes for sale is cash, without contingencies.

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