Bank Owned Properties – Perks and Incentives

July 18, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Bank owned properties are foreclosure homes that did not sell in auctions and became bank repossessed properties. They are also known as bank foreclosures or a real estate owned homes. They are sold at significantly lower prices than their real values. This is because banks would only want to primarily recover the unpaid portion of the defaulted loan. At this point buyers are already assured of a discount. There are other avenues they can take to improve their savings from buying these properties.

Buyers can start their search with bank owned properties that have been on the selling block for a longer time than others. Banks are inclined to entertain negotiations for a lower price if the home has been on the market for quite a while.

Location Over Home Condition

As in any other real estate purchase, location is key. Some buyers are willing to absorb higher repair costs if the home is located in an economically advanced neighborhood. They can count on the eventual rise in home prices that come with economic growth. A thriving community is always a good sales come on if you plan to resell the foreclosure at a later time. Fixer upper homes in good neighborhoods are sometimes better than good conditioned one in a neighborhood with a high number of foreclosures.

Government Grants and Assistance Programs

A lot of people qualify for government housing grants and assistance. These usually come in the form of discounts on the price of the down payment, the rate of interest or the monthly amortization. You can visit the site of the HUD to know what forms of assistance are available and how to qualify for them.

Since banks are under pressure to sell their inventory of bank owned properties they offer the homes with value adds such as title insurance and pest certification among other things. These sweeten the deal even more.

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