Betting On A Bank Foreclosure

June 14, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

A bank foreclosure is a property owned by the bank by virtue of foreclosure. Properties that have been repossessed by banks are sold back to the market at much lower costs than their actual values. One reason for this is that banks would mostly want to recover only the unpaid portion of the property, which was the reason for the foreclosure, in the first place.

Why Banks are Under Pressure to Sell of Foreclosures:

There are other pressing reasons why banks would not want to hold on to the homes they have repossessed. The economic situation has given rise to an unprecedented number of foreclosed homes that are being held by banks or other mortgage lenders. The competition to sell off a bank foreclosure is more than tight. Banks even commission the services of asset management companies in order to push their homes to the market.

Having a lot of foreclosures on their books is not a good sign for any lender. It somehow creates the impression that the lender is not very good at handling their affairs. These homes also put them at a financial risk, because of the cost of maintaining these properties while awaiting buyers.

Many banks have become creative in offering their properties to the market. They have taken measures to make their foreclosures attractive to buyers. Apart from offering very good prices, they are also very flexible during negotiations and would be willing to meet byers half way when it comes to discounts and other perks.

There are a lot of advantages buyers have when they decide to buy bank owned homes. For starters, these homes typically have title insurance. This saves prospective buyers from having to conduct a title search, because they are assured that the title is clean and free of any holds or liens. These homes would already have a value appraisal which the bank undertakes in order to set the fair market price. There will be a minimum level of pest certification as well.

When you decide to buy a bank foreclosure, you can also ask the bank if they offer financing. Some banks would offer this as long as the buyer has already pre-qualified for a housing loan.

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