Bored? 7 Things to Do Near You

August 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

If you are bored and are wondering what there is to do near you, there are many ways to find out. The Internet offers a variety of sites that will give you information on events, attractions and hot spots near your home. Your cell phone or GPS system is another great way to find exciting and fun things to do, or you can try sites like StubHub and to help you with your entertainment needs. If you are looking for something to do and you don’t know where to start, take a look below at some of the great ideas to help you with your search for entertainment.

1. Try a New Restaurant

You might be in an eating rut where every time you go out to eat you try the same foods from the same old places. Try something new the next time you go out to eat. Find a coupon for a new place or even an old one that you have been hesitant to try. If you have never tried a type of cuisine, make it your mission to experience foods from around the world. There are plenty of restaurants in your area that offer more than just pizza or a burger.

2. Internet Coffee Shops

If you are spending your time at home alone playing on FaceBook, take a step outside, go have coffee, and play on your computer at the nearby Internet café. You will be out of the house, have the chance to mingle with others and maybe even find something more interesting to do while you’re out. Internet cafes are notorious for hosting local bands and art events. They often use social media websites to post calendars for their upcoming performances and events.

3. See a Concert or Play

Find out what concerts or plays are in your town and purchase tickets. You can find last minute tickets as well as purchase them well in advance. If you live near a park, you might even find some listings for free theater nights or plays in the park that offer free admission.

4. See a Movie

Movie theaters are everywhere and when you are bored and low on cash, it is a great way to spend an afternoon. Find a new listing for a movie that is playing and go see it alone or ask a friend to come along.

5. Join a Fitness Club

Stay in shape and get the chance to socialize by joining a local gym. Most membership fees are very affordable and many gyms offer classes, personal trainers, spa facilities and much more.

6. Go to a Sporting Event

Take in a game and cheer for your favorite teams with a crowd of loyal fans.

7. Take a Class

You can take a business class, CPR class or even a dance class at your local college. Most classes are very affordable. You can find a course that interests you and once enrolled, you will be able to meet people with your same interest.


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