Building a Residual Income Through Dubli’s Online Reverse Auctions and Shopping Portal

September 2, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

If you’re like me and have ever wondered if there was a online platform to build a true leveraged residual income through the Internet; then listen up as what I am about to share with you might be of interest. I am not talking about an income that works because of you, but rather an income that works in spite of you once it has been built.

The statistics show that 90% of all business go out of business with in the first 5 years, and out of the 10% that make the first 5 years, 90% of those will fail in the next 5 years. The crazy part is out of all those failed businesses 99% do not build a true residual income. The question I would have to ask myself is why would anybody go into business with such a high probability of failure, and not at least try to build a business that delivers a true residual income in the process. Think about it if your goals are set to succeed at making x amount of dollars a year at least if you fail when building a residual income you are still making money.

Now I am not talking about a residual that is dependent upon a down-line that has to continues to produce in order for you to get paid. I am talking about marketing a product that has such a value that the customers will build your business for you, and continue to not only come back but also invite others as a result of their satisfaction with the product.

Now I know what you thinking, I have heard all this stuff before, but I say to you this. Why do you continue to spend time reading articles like this one? Is it because you know deep down inside that there is an opportunity that will actually make since, and prove to be what you are looking for? Or maybe it’s because your entertained by reading such articles like this that give you hope that such an opportunity can exist? Even better yet maybe you’re a start up junkie? Either way the goal of this article is to motivate you to action as there is a plat form that will do just that.

Ever wonder why eBay sellers, or power sellers continue to sell through eBay? It is because they make money doing it, but they also have to continue to work on their business day in and day out finding merchandise to sell, making sure the merchandise is packaged and shipped to the right destination, making sure it is on time, making sure the price is right, and working on small margins for the most part to generate profits. Some eBay sellers work through drop shipping while others work hard to find good deals to buy and resell. All of which is a time consuming process that builds little if any true residual income in the process.

OK! So now what? Here a suggestions why not ask some more questions to help reveal the opportunity. What if there was an online platform where all you had to do is build a customers base? What if there was no hassling with finding merchandise, listing the merchandise, finding the right price point, no shipping and receiving, no returns,, no fees, or ratings to be concerned about? And best of all what if every customer you got to join the network is your for life, as well as the customers they invite and join as well?

What if every product was new top quality name brand merchandise that had all the manufacture warranties, and are actually the lowest price on the Internet guaranteed? Does that sound like an opportunity that might be of interest to you? Well that my friends is an opportunity that does exist, and it exists through

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