Buy Foreclosed Properties Smartly

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Informed buying decisions are needed if you want to buy foreclosed properties. The thousands of new foreclosed properties that are available for your perusal daily can be advantageous once you have so many choices. However, this same advantage can also work against you, because choosing the property to buy can get confusing and stressful.

That is why it is a must that you armed yourself with the necessary knowledge about how to find and buy foreclosed properties the easiest and safest way.

Where to Get Cheap Properties:

There are three sources of cheap foreclosure properties. The first is from the owners themselves. You see, many owners who have defaulted on their monthly mortgage and who feel that they have no means of paying for their arrears would prefer to sell their properties rather than endure the trouble of going into foreclosure. Plus, they may want to save their credit rating or use some of the proceeds from the sale to buy a new house that is more affordable.

You can approach the owner and negotiate to buy the property from him. There is a good chance that you will get a good deal, because the owner is pressured by time, thus he would consider any reasonable offer to buy.

Another source is foreclosure auction. If you want to buy foreclosed properties at an auction, it would be to your advantage if you know the rules governing foreclosure auctions in the state where you want to purchase the property. Laws on foreclosure auctions vary by state, so better familiarize yourself with them to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Banks are also good sources of cheap foreclosure properties. Houses that were not sold at auctions are turned over to banks, so you can buy these foreclosures from them.

Find Help at Foreclosure Listings:

Foreclosure investing would be easy and stress-free if you subscribe to a listing service. Your work in finding the right properties to buy is halfway done if you subscribe to a listing service. You can find all premium foreclosure properties easily and quickly. Plus, you get to learn some tips on how to become a successful foreclosure investor.

Investing in foreclosures is a very profitable venture. Taking time to learn the ins and outs of foreclosure investing will ensure that you will be able to buy foreclosed properties smartly.

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Along with giving you tips on how to buy foreclosure homes, this video explains the foreclosure process, the foreclosure laws and the benefits of buying a foreclosure to first-time homebuyers. Among these tips are pre-qualifying for a loan, hiring inspectors, running a title search and hiring a realtor.

Depending on your state, the foreclosure process is either judicial or non-judicial. Judicial foreclosures require the lender to sue the homeowner before it can foreclose on the house. In states that allow both foreclosures, the foreclosure process followed depends on whether the loan contains a power of sale clause.

The foreclosure process begins when the homeowner defaults on the loan and is issued a notice of default. Homeowners who fail to alleviate their default are issued a notice of sale, and their homes are listed at auction. Homes that do not sell at auction become bank owned as Real Estate Owned (REO) properties.

Auctions are very common and are great deals if homebuyers predetermine their maximum bids beforehand. Short sales help all parties involved by allowing homeowners to pay off their loans to their lenders. REOs allow the homebuyer to buy directly from the lender, and government REOs are usually well maintained.
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