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Storage unit auctions occur when storage unit owners sell off the contents of a storage unit on which the renter has failed to pay rent. Since people store all types of things in storage units, there’s no telling what you will find in a storage unit. However, they will often contain furniture, antiques, camping equipment, or other valuables, as well cars, boats, tools and collectibles. You can usually find more than just what is listed inside the storage unit.

All Sales are Final

Storage units usually hold auctions on a monthly basis, and attending an auction can be an interesting experience. For example, many storage unit owners only allow you to peek inside the storage unit from the outside. This makes it nearly impossible to find out what is inside the unit. Of course, this can make bidding on a storage unit a risky decision, as all sales are final no matter what the contents of the unit are worth.

Sometimes, listed units may not be available at the time of the auction. This usually occurs because a renter makes a last minute payment or arranges with the storage unit owner to pay later.

Transporting Unit Contents

Once the auction is over, the winner of the storage unit has a limited time to clear out the contents. This time will usually vary from between a few hours to a few days. Sometimes a unit owner will allow you to pay an additional storage fee to allow for more time, but usually the units must be cleared out by the end of the day. Most unit owners will inform you of the time allotted before the auction begins. The easiest way to assure that the contents will be out in time is to rent a box truck.

Unit Items

The contents of a unit can be a complete mystery, but there are a few tips to ensure that you get the best chance of bidding on a profitable storage unit.

When given the chance to look inside a unit, pay attention to any markings on boxes, the condition of the boxes, and logos on the boxes.
Covered furniture can often be an indicator that the piece is valuable, or is at least an antique.
Labeled boxes can often help decide if the unit is worth bidding on. You may not want to bid on a unit full of photo albums.

Turning a Profit

Location of a storage unit can often be a large indicator of the value of the contents within a unit. Storage unit companies in business districts may contain units with manufacturing equipment or other business supplies. Storage units in wealthier neighborhoods may contain valuables such as art, antiques, or other collectibles.

There are numerous avenues in which to sell off anything you might come across in a unit. The easiest would be online auction websites such as eBay or Auctivia, but taking your loot to a pawnshop may also be an easy way to turn a profit.

So you might want to check out your local storage unit auctions, as they will regularly offer interesting treasures. Because due to the risk of the unknown associated with bidding on a unit, you can often make substantial profits from repeated bidding.

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