Considerations When Buying A Truck At Auction

June 18, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Buying a second hand truck at auction is most defiantly one of the most affordable ways of picking up a second hand truck. When buying a truck second hand caution is recommended to ensure the wool is not pulled over one’s eyes to detract from the details. Buying a used truck at auction can be a nervous time and will most defiantly be so if this is your first time purchasing at an auction.

Auctions take on two formats nowadays Online via specialist trucking websites or common channels such as eBay and national or local auctions. Both methods have pros and cons of usage.

Online Auctions provide the buyer uniquely with an international marketplace where a multinational transport company based in say the London, UK can bid on a truck located in Texas, USA. This flexibility gives the buyer the ultimate tools and purchasing power to make accurate decisions.

An area where online auctions fail the automotive industry is in viewing the item before commitment. Many trucks would need to be thoroughly inspected before they are purchased, its no small commitment. Going on a dealer / sellers word isn’t recommended regardless of how much feedback they have accumulated as a trader to their online profile. Visiting items locally is the only viable solution; otherwise purchases are made with a larger element of risk.

Local and National motor auctions allow some limited inspection usually before the auction. This is not necessarily required though. So be wary of those unwilling to allow you to give the truck some inspection. Because the auctions are limited to a local or national audience the difference in pricing might be significantly different for the same truck online.

Both provide the thrill of bidding for the items and winning or losing, it might be compared by some including myself as the same feeling as gambling. In some ways it is gambling, you don’t really know what the future holds until you find out and there is always an element of risk.

One recommendation I have for both solutions is to research the model before purchase, doing so will ensure you know the manufacturing faults and problems with that vehicle before you arrive at the auction house / website. Preparation is everything when making big decisions, trucks are no exception to this. Hasty purchases may work out cheaper in the short term, but will no doubt cost the owner more in the long run. is an online superstore for new and used trucks for sale, trailers, parts and equipment. TruckerToTrucker has Freightliner trucks for sale on its website.

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