Differences Between Local Automobile Auctions and Car Dealerships

September 27, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Nowadays, people’s demands for cars are rising day by day. You are travelling further to work and to find bargains on everyday items. So how can you find a reliable and affordable car? Local automobile auctions are going on everywhere around the nation, and people everywhere are getting cars at hugely discounted rates. These auctions have been popular for years to find cars that you can count on for prices that you can afford.


Seized car auctions in particular are very different than buying from a dealership. By using the auctions you get the chance to bid incredibly low, some auctions even start as low as two hundred dollars. People everywhere are driving away with cars after paying ten percent of the retail value. These cars usually come from impound lots after being abandoned, seizures due to tax evasion or drug trafficking, or repossession from failing to pay off loans, including the loan used to pay for the car itself. Banks and government agencies have to pay for every day that they store and maintain the cars, so they offer them at low prices just to get them out of their lots and make room for other things.


Similarly to shopping around car dealerships, you should always be prepared when attending an automobile auction. This means knowing what you are looking to spend, and what type of car you are looking to buy. The main difference is that automobile auctions offer a large variety of car makes, models, colors, and prices, instead of just one type of car or brand in particular.


Local automobile auctions are a great option; just make sure to bring someone who is informed on car maintenance, a licensed mechanic is best. Also bring money for a deposit and your photo ID to make sure you are ready and go early so that you can browse the lot for the best deals and have each car inspected. Remember, you can’t test drive these cars but you can inspect them and start them before the bidding begins, so the earlier you arrive the more time you will have to figure out what you can get and what is worth your money and time.


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