Do You Need a Whole House Water Treatment?

July 19, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Are you looking to move over to a whole house system because you are tired of filling pitchers and containers every day? I know I was very tired of having to do this every day and at the time we were doing this we had no children. I can only imagine how many times a day I would have to do this once we started our family.

When I was looking into doing this I thought that I was using a quality product. I was wrong and surprised to learn that there are much more effective systems on the market. There are systems that are able to get rid of all the bacteria and toxic chemicals that are showing up each day in the water system.

I wanted to get the best system I could afford on my budget but it had to work. I found a company that not only gave me a counter top option, but also a shower option and a whole house option. I had never thought about a system for an entire house. The counter top option that I am using has an annual cost of 9.7 cents per gallon. That is amazing and cheaper than I thought it was going to be for this type of system.

I can tell you that right now we are so satisfied with our countertop model that we bought a shower model as well. And if it works just as good as the first one I bought-which I know it will, then we are looking into buying the whole house version.

The big selling point for me on the whole house option was that there is virtually no water treatment equipment. No counter top, under counter, or shower version. I can install it and in three years or 300,000 gallons get a replacement cartridge.

If you want to take charge of what you are putting into your body or your family’s body then buy a system today. I know I did and I have no problem saying that I am the proud owner of this system. Take the first step and see what system I am using every day for my family I know you will be satisfied with your product.

Carolyn is a passionate researcher and long time user of water and health care products to achieve a better quality of life. Visit her websites, to learn more about the products she uses