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There are many reasons why it is good to consider buying foreclosed homes. The best rationale is you get to save big amount of money since the price is lesser than the market value of a brand new house.

Brand new house or any home for sale that is not under foreclosure can be awfully expensive, though pristine houses gives a warm and fuzzy sensation still it is better for most homeowners to customize their own house by doing some repairs. Though you have to shell out some cash it is less than the total amount of buying new houses. You can obtain 15% to 50% discount on distress properties.

In buying foreclosed homes you must come up with 10% first payment at the auction. It is the least amount for down payment so you have to be ready with it. There are many foreclosure in the market today all you have to do is find one that suites your lifestyle.

Of course it is important to know what you really want to achieve. Are you seeking to keep a bunch on your dream home, or are you looking for an investment property? Once you comprehend what your goals are then you can begin narrowing the field.

Always have patience in finding these listings because it might take a while to learn on how to find good ones and how to do the purchase. If you know some experienced real estate agent it might be great to partner with them in examining all your foreclosure listing. Many realtors who have good connection with loaners and are quickly informed if a property is in distress.

A good and quick way to find foreclosed property is to know the regions of high foreclosure rates exist. This gives investors and home buyers astonishing advantage of finding real bargained houses. There are also hundreds of sites providing leads of properties on the internet.

Newspapers are another good source to find foreclosure properties. The law requires all states to place a public notice auction for all foreclosure properties. You can send them a letter, call or visit the property using the info posted.

Direct mail is also an excellent way to find foreclosures because you are able to talk with the homeowner before the property caught into foreclosure and you can negotiate a nice discount on the property.

Be cautious enough if you are planning to invest foreclosure homes because you might wind up spending more money than your property can make. If you don’t know how to make an investment in real estate try to look for a trusted and experienced agent.

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How to find and buy foreclosed homes for sale in your area

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Find and buy foreclosed homes for sales in your area now

There are various stages of foreclosure and various types of entities that may be in possession of the property during the transaction. Each of these scenarios has its own caveats, so be conscious of the type of foreclosure you are dealing with and be diligent with any special considerations.

TIP: Don’t get caught up in the excitement of bidding. Consider the repairs and set a max price.
Pre-foreclosure or short sale
Foreclosed homes for sale are usually in fair condition

During pre-foreclosure the homeowner still has control of the property. The case is usually that the owner has stopped being able to make timely payments and likely negotiated with the lender to sell the house below market value, also commonly called a short sale. The owner vacates the property at the time of signing the short sale agreement.

You can make an offer to purchase the property, but the lender has to agree with the homeowner to accept less than the outstanding balance on the mortgage loan. This helps the seller avoid foreclosure, and the accompanying credit history blemish, while usually translating into a discount for the buyer below the home’s market value. It also helps the lender control costs by avoiding the foreclosure process.

Typically short-sale homes are in better condition than foreclosed properties because the parties have found a solution before a legal foreclosure proceeding begins. The home is still sold in as-is condition, but the buyer may have the right to inspect the property in advance without the right to ask the lender to fix any defects.

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