Foreclosures 101

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A lot of home buyers are interested at purchasing foreclosures, partly because of the affordability of the properties. Buyers usually imagine a cute house in their mind, until they see the actual appearance of a foreclosed property.

What Happened to the Houses

Foreclosures happen when the homeowner is unable to pay for mortgage due to one or more of the following reasons: unemployment, excessive debt, conflicts within the family, transferring to another location. The homeowners can take the responsibility of being the seller, so you have to be careful in dealing with them. They can be too emotional about the house and about their situation. It may be best to deal with foreclosures that are represented by real estate agents.

What to Consider

You have to be aware of different items that may factor in foreclosures. First, the proceedings differ from one state to another. In some areas, the owners are allowed to stay in the property even after a year since the house was foreclosed. In other states, the homeowner can only do so for a maximum of four months in the property. Make sure that you know these details so that you can immediately use the foreclosed house as soon as you buy it.

Another thing that you have to consider is the physical state of the property. Some sellers will refuse to show you the house for inspection, while some allow. If you can take the risk of paying a low price for a house which you have not seen or inspected yet, then you have to be ready to spend money on cracks and broken parts of the house.

Whether you aim to use the house for your own, keep it as one of your investments, or resell it to other buyers, you have to take a look at the physical appearance of the house. Go beyond how the house works or functions, but also give attention to the design and beauty of the house. Based on that, the foreclosed property that you purchased can turn to the dream property you have always wanted, for your own or as something to sell to customers.

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