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The description page, the seller has several options to select and fill in the necessary information when you set it up for auction so that buys have a better idea of what your website is all about.

It also has the option to add a YouTube video or any other video streaming media – by just adding a video link, in order to better sell your auctioned site.

It has an image gallery as part of its features which you can add in the description area to show proof of what your website is all about.

It also has the option to upload or verify text files in your root directory as proof of ownership to show to your buyers.

The seller also has the option to add in their auctioned domain name the verification code in the DNS to be able to verify the domain’s proof of ownership in the whois page.

For Buyers

All you need to do is create an account and start bidding! There are so many new and established websites that you can start bidding with most of them having a “Buy it now” option.

There is an area for you to contact the seller where you can ask questions before you make any purchases from his domains. All you need to do is visit the seller’s profile page and in there you can find all the necessary information, but be sure that you are a registered user in order to access the seller’s profile page.