Highlands Ranch Foreclosures – Finding Bank Owned Highlands Ranch Homes

July 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Despite the national real estate market, Highlands Ranch homes are in demand, and a Highlands Ranch foreclosure can have upwards often bidders depending on price and condition. In order to find, and successfully bid, on Highlands ranch foreclosures, you’ll need to follow a few guidelines.

How to Find the Best Highlands Ranch Foreclosures

With the great schools, recreation centers and overall community, it’s easy to see why so many buyers purchase Highlands Ranch homes and why the area maintains it’s high resale values. Because of this high demand, when Highlands Ranch foreclosures hit the market, they don’t last long and there are usually bidding wars. Here’s how to beat other buyers out:

1.) Find the homes first: Make sure you are working with an agent that has the technologically ability to send you email alerts first thing every morning for new Highlands Ranch foreclosures. You need to see this homes in you inbox first thing in the morning and then schedule a showing with your agent that afternoon. If you don’t see the home on the first day, you may miss out. A once a week email from an agent is not good enough.

2.) Make informed bids: Don’t be afraid to bid high on a Highlands Ranch foreclosure. Many times, Highlands Ranch foreclosures come on the market well below their market value. In the Highlands Ranch homes market, this almost always causes a bidding war – sometimes between several parties. If you attempt to bid lower than list price, you will almost always get beat out. Have your agent do a market valuation of the home and bid accordingly. Factor in repair costs and make a smart bid.

3.) Have your agent follow up daily: Make sure you are working with an agent that knows the Highlands Ranch homes market and has successfully bid on Highlands Ranch foreclosures. Typically, once a bid is submitted, it can take 2 to 3 days to get a reply from the bank. Make sure you have an experienced real estate agent that knows the market and is persistent with the bank. Many times a good agent gets their client the home because they followed up with the bank and discovered that their clients only needed to raise their offer by a few hundred dollars to get the home.

4.) Be Patient and Consistent: There are usually only 1 to 3 Highlands Ranch foreclosures on the market at any one time. You need to have patience and consistently watch each day for new listings. Also, don’t rely on searching on websites. Many sites out there don’t actually post the listings until 2-5 days after the home has hit the market. Make sure your agent has the ability to send you homes the day the homes are listed.

5.) Bid Quickly: Once you find a Highlands Ranch foreclosure you are interested in bid that day. Taking the time to sleep on it or wanting to show it to your extended family can waste time that you just won’t have. Remember, even after you write a contract, you’ll still have a legal right to inspect the home. Bidding on Highlands Ranch foreclosures is not for the timid!

Remember, Highlands Ranch foreclosures don’t stay on the market long. If you work with an agent that knows the market and make informed bids, you can find, and win, foreclosure bids on Highlands Ranch homes.

The Brian Petrelli Team has over 50 years combined experience selling Highlands Ranch Foreclosures and Highlands Ranch Homes. Whether you’re looking for your first home or your next investment, use our expertise, free email alerts and free services to find your next Home.

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