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Home Energy Audit Massachusetts

What’s a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit in Massachusetts includes the systematic review of the exterior and interior of your house to decide its energy usage and the potential for efficiency and savings. The certified Massachusetts home energy auditor will check thoroughly the home for around three to four hours from the basement to the attic utilizing monitoring equipment that is very sophisticated. Detailed information is gathered, tested, and provided to you within a comprehensive report that outlines certain actions that’ll lead to decreased energy bills.

Energy audit advantages:

Drastically decrease energy bills

Energy efficiency includes the ideal energy investment

Efficiency measures usually payback within two to three years

Massachusetts and Federal Government incentives further decrease the price

Efficiency will clean the environment

The Process of the Home Energy Audit in Massachusetts

Step One: The Pre-Audit Interview

An energy auditor will perform a Massachusetts home energy audit by running through a sequence of questions concerning any known issue regions within the house. Make sure you highlight any future expansion plans you might possess or certain goals you need to achieve.

Step Two: The Exterior Inspection

Check the exterior perimeter of your house, including vegetation and building orientation that affects windbreak and shade.

Check all regions of potential air leakage and heat loss, that include heating/air-conditioning units, siding, attic, chimneys, roofing, skylights, windows and doors.

Step Three: The Interior Inspection

First Floor: Inspect weather stripping, glazing, seals, thermostats and locking mechanisms of doors and windows, as well as all floor anomalies.

Upper Floors – Inspect the attic for insulation and seals around fans, ventilation ducts, lighting fixtures, hatches and ceiling anomalies.

Basement – Inspect for fitness and age of every appliance including the basement wall, furnace, water heater, dryer with all connecting hoses, washer and every air duct for insulation and sealing.

Step Four: The Inspection Equipment utilized for a Blower Door Testing and Infrared Scan

Blower Door Test

The home energy audit Massachusetts contractor will put in a special door that is fitted with a powerful fan in order to suck air from your home, causing it to depressurize. The special monitors will track the quantity of air that comes into the house through drafts, seams, cracks and other holes within your building’s enclosure. The blower door test will additionally measure the quality of indoor air as well as any condensation or moisture issues.

Thermal Imaging Scan Utilizing An Infrared Camera

The most powerful tool within the energy auditors grasp is the Infrared camera. This device takes a thermal image of the house, pinpointing regions, which need to be sealed or require more insulation. This thermal image of the house includes a road map, which allows energy audit contractors to identify missing or settled insulation, heat loss through window sills and in the more crucial regions of the house.

Step Five: The Energy Audit Report

The home energy auditor will gather a comprehensive report that details the regions within your home which could be sealed, insulated and repaired in order to boost your energy efficiency. This report will additionally outline repairs to your cooling and heating appliances or advise replacements.

Step Six: Repair, Replace, Relax

With the Massachusetts home energy audit professional’s report within your hand, you could opt to perform the advised repairs yourself or hire a contractor to conduct the work. Within a few instances, the firm, which made the recommendations, will additionally have the ability to offer any follow-up service or recommend a quality contractor.

When the repairs are completed, you’ll enjoy energy savings within the range of ten to forty percent, depending upon the condition of the home prior to the audit. Youll feel satisfaction in not only being more green and saving the earth, youll be saving energy and saving money, all at the exact same time! As you can see having a home energy audit Massachusetts residents will be keeping the Bay State a better place to live.

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