How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

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Laser hair removal has been around for more than a decade, and millions of Americans have received it at a growing number of laser hair removal centers across the country. However, very few people know how it actually works. Therefore, in this article, the question of, “How does laser hair removal work?” will be answered.


It is common in this day and age to have heard of the idea of “laser surgery,” which would seem to imply that lasers can cause significant changes to bodily tissues. One might wonder then, how it can be used safely to remove unwanted facial and body hair.


What is so remarkable about laser technology is the precision with which it can be used. This is the main reason it has become so popular in many surgical procedures, in everything from eye surgery to declawing cats.


Because a laser is a kind of light, and because dark objects are the only ones which absorb light, a laser can be pointed at one’s skin and only be absorbed by the hair and its follicle, since it is dark, whereas the skin is presumably lighter. Therefore, it is only dark hair which can be removed; blonde and red hair cannot be removed by simple laser hair removal procedures. However, new technologies are now able to allow individuals with darker skin to receive laser hair treatment as well.


The material being targeted by the laser beam is called melanin, which is a pigment found in the skin, and which gives skin and hair its color. Individuals with the type of melanin which creates brown or black hair can receive normal laser hair removal, while those with the type of melanin that creates red or blonde hair can also receive laser hair treatment, although the process involved is a bit more complicated in their case.


The material targeted by lasers, the dark matter which absorbs the light, can be artificially introduced. Therefore, it is possible for blonde and red hair to be removed.


Now that you know more about how laser hair removal works, you can feel better assured that it is a safe procedure. In fact, the FDA first approved laser hair removal in 1997, and as technological advances have contributed to making it even more safe since that time, now is the perfect time to start your laser hair removal treatment.


Although so few people can actually answer the question, “How does laser hair removal work?” you are now an informed party and can receive the treatment with confidence. Enjoy your softer, smoother skin!

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