How Does Wind Power Work?

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People use wind for many things, flying kites and windsurfing are just a couple. Homes today all over the world are using energy which has been generated from the wind.

The behaviour of the wind is influenced by the sun, with the irregularities of the earth’s surface, the earth’s rotation and the irregular heating of the atmosphere by the sun, these all have a huge play in the creation of wind. The pattern of the flow of air is also influenced by the land, sea and plant life.

Electricity or mechanical power that has been generated by wind is described as wind power. This wind power is generated by wind turbines or wind generators which convert kinetic energy into mechanical energy. For many years wind power has been used to power windmills, pump water and even to turn grindstones.

How Windmills Work

Another word for a windmill is a windpower generator or a wind turbine. A windmill needs the wind to lift and rotate these blades, and this will happen when the wind blows over them. A windmill will consist of about two to three of these blades which are connected to a shaft which then spins. Connected to these shafts is a power generator which is what generates the electricity.

The machine can be shut off with a controller, just in case of strong winds there is a brake to help prevent any damage.

There are two different kinds of wind turbines, there is a horizontal axis turbine which consists of 2 blades spinning downwind and 3 blades spinning upwind, the second is a vertical axis wind turbine.

Obviously the larger the wind turbine the more energy will be produced, the majority of those use the smaller wind turbines, these smaller ones can be used in conjunction with solar energy in remote areas.

Homeowners today everywhere are even turning towards wind power, it is said that you can save up to 50 – 90% in energy this is also depending on the amount of wind and also the wind turbine size.

There are many countries such as Spain, Denmark, Brazil, even South Africa that are using wind turbines to power towns, this energy is generated by wind power plants or wind farms. The energy produced by these large turbines on these wind farms are combined and provide power to the central lines which is then distributed to the local grid. Even Australia is leaning more towards solar and wind power. It seems that with the price of electricity constantly on the rise people all around the globe are looking at more natural sources of energy. Why not, if you can save $ 1000’s on your electricity bill and help save the environment, you can certainly see why wind power is becoming the way of the future.

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