How motorbike auctions can save you money

September 19, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

If you’re looking for a new motorbike, there’s another option beyond simply buying new or used. Motorbike auctions can be the best places to get a great deal on motorbikes in great condition, sometimes almost brand new.

Motorcycle auctions are a great way for sellers to get a good price for their old bikes, but are even more ideal for buyers, who could drive away with a new bike for significantly less than they would pay elsewhere. This is because many motorbikes sold at auctions have been repossessed by dealerships after their previous owners failed to keep up with payments. These motorbikes can be an undesired burden that auction sellers will want buyers to take off their hands as quickly as possible – even if that means settling for a lower price than they might be able to charge elsewhere.

Another type of auction where motorbike buyers can often find even cheaper prices is government auctions, selling bikes that were seized after their former owners were involved in criminal activities. Government bodies usually have to pay expensive storage and maintenance fees for such vehicles, and auctions are a convenient way for them to pass the vehicles on to new owners for discount prices.

While you can get great prices when buying at auctions, you should always ensure that you inspect the vehicles as thoroughly as you would those being sold in a driveway or from a showroom. Arriving at the auction early can be the best time to inspect vehicles at your leisure before the crowds arrive, checking for any signs of damage that may be costly to repair or could impact on your motorbike insurance. You should also check whether items are being sold ‘as is,’ or if certain bikes and their components are still under warranty.

Arriving at the auction prepared is also the safest way to avoid paying more than you have to for new and used bikes. A little time spent researching prices online for the types of motorbikes available should give you some idea of how much you’re likely to spend for vehicles in varying conditions, and can also help you set a budget. Sticking to this self-imposed budget is important, as even if you feel you’ve missed out when the vehicle sells for slightly higher than you were prepared to spend, there will likely be more motorcycle auctions taking place in your area in the near future.

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