How To Find Police Auctions And Government Auction Cars

July 4, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

You can attend a public auto auction or government auto auction for police cars and most brands of cars on virtually any day of the week. This means that finding that desired car from an auto auction is not really that difficult.

These government and police auto auctions enable the public to acquire to end vehicles at roughly 20% to 30% of their actual cost or value as sold in car lots across America and the UK abroad.

Using an online auto auction also now has its merits as your are not restricted to your local auto auctions, you can attend a government auction in any state you like by going to an online auto auction and by doing a little research beforehand into the quality of the car you intend to bid on at the online auction. Everyone has seen a telephone bidder at some stage of their life biding at an auto auction.

Bank repo auctions are common this year due to the fact that unfortunately a lot of folks lost their assets when the bank foreclosures happened and there was a run on the stock market as things fell apart a year or two ago.

The bank decides to put many of these cars up for public auction as they are not in the game of holding cars as assets and prefer to forfeit some of the loss involved in keeping these cars in storage.

It is better to provide these cars to an auto auction and put them up for auction with the government cars and police seized cars as they are very similarly priced for the public to choose from.

The government has a policy of renewing its fleets of vehicles every other year and there are often great deals to be found at the government auctions. The state departments like the Drug Enforcement Agency, The Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are included in the police auctions as they will often have many cars that have been seized that they will wish to auction off to provide funds back into the government coffers.

The cars that you find at these police auctions are often high end cars that have been impounded and confiscated through their daily activities and are not claimed and sold to cover expenses incurred. Some of these cars can go for as little as 10% of their actual value if there are not many bidders.

There are many sedans and SUVs that you can choose from at a police or government auction and usually there are so many that their prices remain low.

Always remember though that there will be in most cases a buyers fee on the fall of the hammer as the auction house will need to cover their administration costs. Allow for roughly 10 15% of the bidding price for these costs.

Dale Nelson writes primarily for the Automotive and Real Estate Market as a qualified assessor