How to impress Women Without Paying Too Much

August 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

A lot of men believe that dating is a lot like politics — the most important thing to have is money. They think that to impress a girl, you should show her that you could foot the bill, pay for her cab ride home, and buy her gifts. But does it really work?


If you’ve tried winning women over with money, then you may have realized that it doesn’t really always work that way. You’ve probably spent a bundle on certain women, only to find out that they don’t really see you as more than a friend afterward. If you keep doing things this way, you’ll end up with a really thin wallet and even thinner social life!


The fact of the matter is that money has much less to do with attraction than you might think. Actually, primarily using money to attract women can backfire on you. For instance, when you show women that you need to “pay” for their attention and approval, it gives them the message that you’re not much of a person without your money.


You know what really gets women? Confidence. And that’s something money can’t buy.


Confidence is something you learn, not born with. You often need to develop it by meeting and talking to many women regularly, even those you’re not particularly attracted to. Here are some tips to help you attract women without even having to shell out too much money.


#1 – Don’t try to make her like you.


The easiest way to turn off a woman is by doing things that obviously try to win her approval. For instance, if you try to pay for the bill and try to act gentlemanly throughout the date, she’ll think you’re up to something. That’s when her defenses go up and, well, your hopes with them.


#2 – Don’t get intimidated by her looks or personality.


The more attractive women out there likely get a lot of male attention wherever they go, and they’ve probably seen their share of men who get intimidated just by being in the same room with her. If you show any hint of weakness like this, then she’ll immediately dismiss you as “just another one of them.”


#3 – Treat her like someone you’ve known for a long time.


Instead, relax, and don’t get intimidated. Treat her like you would your bratty little sister — tease, joke around, and act playfully arrogant. This will show her that you’re not like everyone else, and may even entice her to know more about you.


Remember that women are people too, and don’t really like the idea that their attention could be BOUGHT. Just relax and focus on having a good time with her — without having to act too nice and polite-like — and you’ll do just fine in the dating game.


Find out how to attract the women you want.

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