How To Make The Best Use Of Penny Auctions Free Bids

June 28, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Penny auctions are tempting to jump into. Cool products at cheap dirt prices. The thing is, If you fail to win the auction, you will not get your bid money back. If you bid on a penny auction and fail to win the auction you will lose all the bids that you placed.
But just like anything in life, in order to get the good stuff you gotta take risks and chance. So here we will talk about penny auctions free bids. Why do penny auctions sites give you free bids you ask? Well for one that is a way for them to promote themselves, two, to help beginners get a feel for the sites and how it works. But why not use those free bids with a knowledge of an experience bidder, who have in mind some penny auctions strategy?

Step one- Find some sites you want to work with
I like Bid Rivals, bid here and Qbids are also good.
Can be a good place to start looking.

Step 2-Pick the item you want (and can ) win
At the beginning try to avoid bidding in the attention grabbers products: like iphones, ipads, flat screen, you get the idea. Go for the lower prodile items, like gift cards, watches, stuff with less bidders. Dont worry in time, when you have more experience you ll learn how to get an ipad for $ 50 too.

Step 3- Watch the trends and bid accordingly
Noticed the time of day , the bidders names , numbers of bidders, the prices auctions are being closed and make notes. If you know that every day around 8 am theres a $ 500 best buy gift card sold at $ 20 and there are only a few bidders you would want to try using your free bids to win that kind of auction, makes sense?

So, do your homework, sign up with a penny auction website and start winning with your free bids!

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