How to Spot the Bad Cars at the Auction

June 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Car auction houses can be a very interesting place. Having been in the car business for a while we wanted to give you auction enthusiasts some tips on making sure the care you get form the auction is not a lemon.

Obviously if you are buying a car from the auction you should make a list of the specific cars you want to try to bid on. Once you have that list you should make sure to research values and know exactly what the limit is to go on bidding for the vehicles. Once you have followed these steps its now time for you follow some steps to make sure your car you want is not a dud.

The first thing to do is to drive it around. Turn the radio off and listen carefully to how it drives. If everything sounds ok the next thing to do is to check out every single electrical device in the car. The reason i say this is because greasy car dealers will take things from a perfectly good car at the auction house like lights, sensors, and knobs. Most importantly though, make sure the A/C works. If this is out don’t even bother with the car. Adding A/C starts at around $ 1,500 dollars.

Always make sure that when you buy a car from an auction house you pay the extra fee for the car to be run through the auction house’s arbitration department. This usually costs $ 150-$ 250 dollars but its way worth it. What this means is that if the auction house finds anything wrong with the car you don’t have to buy it. It also gives you a 7 day period in which you could bring the car back if you find any serious defects and save you from having to buy the car. This is absolutely worth the money and we would recommend you paying for this service on every vehicle.

The last thing is to make sure you have a mechanic check out the car to make sure all components of the engine are working and are present. I cannot tell you how many times dealers take things from cars, its utterly disgusting and auction houses should have much better security.

There are some great deals to be had at the auction. If a car is just way way under value from what your research shows, be very careful as there is probably something seriously wrong with it.

Lollie writes about car auction and writes articles for Auction Price Autos