Increase Your Success at Foreclosure Auctions

July 4, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

The worst thing anyone can do is join foreclosure auctions unprepared. This form of home sale requires a certain level of knowledge and skill but it can yield very good results. There are a handful of tasks to accomplish first before you place that first bid for a foreclosed home if you want to succeed in this particular venture.

Preparing for Home Auctions

Before even looking up foreclosure auctions you have to set your budget first. Keep in mind that these are all cash sales so you need to be sure you have the money to back you bid. Furthermore, the actual cost of foreclosure homes sold at auctions is more than just the winning bid. These properties will all require repairs as they have all been pre-owned. The fact that these are foreclosed homes should get buyers thinking that perhaps the previous occupants have been unable to maintain the home properly. The cost of repairs should go into the buyer’s computation of the home’s real value. Another potential source of expenses when speaking of foreclosed properties is any hold or lien on the title. A title search should be made part of any buyer’s due diligence checks.

Buyers must likewise decide on what type of property they want and where it is located. This is the way to making a narrower and more targeted search that will yield only the homes that meet your needs. The easiest way to find foreclosure auctions is through an online foreclosures listing service. These sites enable users to search for foreclosures by price and location, plus they provide all the pertinent information needed by buyers when making a decision to purchase a property.

If this is the first time you will participate in foreclosure auctions, it is best to go to one or two auctions first and get a feel of what goes on there. Observe how the process goes and take note of everything you see. This is a way to build your knowledge and confidence for the time you will actually participate in one.

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Here’s a LIVE look at how the foreclosure auction really works. The trustee starts with an opening bid and the buyers make their offers. But, there are a few things you need to know BEFORE you make your bid, come along with me as we bid at the courthouse steps
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