Investors Purchase Government Foreclosed Homes – Here is How You Can Too

September 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Getting in on the action of buying Government Foreclosed Homes is a terrific way to make an investment without a bunch of risk. This article can be used as a guide to help you understand the process of purchasing a foreclosed home and being able to turn it around and sell for a higher profit.

There are a great many reasons as to why the government could end up owning real estate property.

1. A Government Agency who acts in the same way as a financial institution has the right to foreclose upon your property if you default.

2. The Internal Revenue Service can also acquire your property if you have back owed taxes.

3. Counties have been known to take ownership of property if you have not paid your property taxes in a timely fashion.

There are multiple situations that different government agencies can take the ownership of your home from you. The one thing that is almost certain, is that when they take ownership from citizens, they will definitely need to get rid of it. Take note that the government agencies are not in the business of buying and selling real estate. They will need to unload the property as they will not be able to carry the load of that much property.

By purchasing a government foreclosed home, you can get property from anywhere between 20% to 30% below the current market value of a home. In some instances, it is possible to get up to 50% or more off the current market value of a home. These reduced prices allow for an investor to buy the property at the reduced rate and turn around and sell it for a profit. Please keep in mind that you probably won’t be able to get a $ 500,000.00 home for $ 10,000.00, but you will be able to get it at a reduced rate.

If you have given a lot of thought to wanting to invest in a Government Foreclosed Home, you will need to know how to begin. You can research on the web to find out a bit more about which agencies to contact that have Government Foreclosed Homes for sale. A few that you can start with are:

1. HUD
2. The V.A.
3. The Internal Revenue Service.

You may also get in touch with a real estate agent in your area. Some government agencies will list their foreclosures through a real estate agency. By checking around, you maybe able to find good investment opportunities with a local real estate agency.

If you would prefer to have someone else do the research for you, there are services that will give you a monthly list of all the government foreclosed homes in your are for a small fee. This could save you limitless hours of research and time that you may not have. This would make it possible for you to spend your available time look at the properties and making offers instead of doing all the work to lead up to this.

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