Japanese Car Auctions

June 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

It’s long been known that the Japanese are a hard working and industrious nation that have contributed massively towards the growth of the global economy over the last few decades. This has also found expression in their car market as it is currently the largest in the world.

Citizens from nations around the world have started preferring vehicles manufactured in Japan as opposed to their domestic brands. The Japanese have built a solid reputation as manufacturers of not only durable and trustworthy autos, but also high performance vehicles that can stand their grounds. Among their well known brands are cars such as:

Honda and many more

Consumers have come to trust these brands as value for money that won’t let them down on the open road. Consequently they also have a very vibrant second hand market.

As with just about any other types of goods, consumers are always looking for ways to reduce their spending and get it on the cheap. The same goes for finding Japanese cars. One of the many places to get these vehicles for cheap is at auctions.

The first obvious choice is to fly to Japan, attend a Japanese car auctions (the auction market is huge there) and pick the car you want. Although easily done it’s a silly idea if you live in the US or any other country for that matter because you will need to deal with customs and excise and all sorts of related red tape. An unnecessary headache.

The other option is to attend a local auction where Japanese cars will be put up for sale. The great thing is that the US government, private firms and individuals all buy and drive Japanese cars. This results in a large number of vehicles being put up for sale at these auctions. Locally you can therefore find (on the cheap) Japanese manufactured cars of all sorts. These auctions include events held by financial institutions for the public, police auctions of seized and confiscated vehicles and the auction of surplus cars from local state and federal government.

Among these you are almost guaranteed to find what you want at a very affordable price. Imagine showing of your new Lexus to the neighbors.

Jake Johnson is a specialist on government surplus auctions. He regularly writes on issues relating to auction techniques and strategy. Read more on finding profitable Japanese car auctions in areas near you.

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