Jazmine Sullivan – Fearless Album Review

June 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

At only 21-years-of-age, Jazmine Sullivan has a maturity in her voice far beyond her years. Her debut album Fearless was introduced to the US public last year and is already successful, reaching number 1 on the R&B charts and number 6 overall. It only takes one listen to realise why. It has that new album smell about it, when the artist is untainted, innovative and bringing something original to the table.

Sullivan’s style is soulful and eclectic, and she seems to be influenced by many of the great female artists of the last decade. Need U Bad, her first single, has a definite Lauryn Hill sound to it. My Foolish Heart leans towards an Alicia Keys vibe. Bust Your Windows even brings a bit of an Amy Winehouse flavour, minus the feral, alcoholic mess.

Sullivan is the executive producer on Fearless as well as the sole songwriter. She is Missy Elliot’s protégé, and Missy puts in her two cents on Dream Big. Though the main topic focused on is heartbreak, as it is in almost all R&B/soul albums, the songs don’t blur into one big crying mess. They all have their own story, and Sullivan tells them in real and diverse ways. It’s unlikely you’ll need your skip button for a single track.

She branches out from the tear-jerkers with songs like Dream Big, and the fun, old-school sounding Switch. In fact a lot of the album sounds like it could have been from a past era, much like Amy Winehouse’s style. Songs like Switch and Lions, Tigers & Bears, two of the stand outs, have such a soulful essence to them that you can imagine they’re playing from a juke box or an old record player. In Love With Another Man is remarkable from the first lyric and reminds us of how soul should sound, in case we’d forgotten.

At first listen Jazmine Sullivan might be described as raw and unbridled, however pay a little more attention and you will find that there’s a sense of control about her that is womanly and powerful. She is intense but true to herself, and with a debut album already Grammy nominated, Sullivan has every right to be fearless.

Available through J-Records

By Marcie Konsoulas (Contributor) http://www.planeturban.com.au/features