Make Social Media Marketing Work For Your Real Estate Agency

September 15, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Many real estate agents find social media marketing is not a very effective tool for them since they do not use it well. By learning how to make it work for your real estate agency, you can see an increase in your web traffic and potentially get more clients.

Facebook is useful, but instead of making a fan page for yourself, create one that is information focused and sponsored by your agency. You’re more likely to get fans this way and more people will share your links to the information than on you alone. If you want to have one for yourself, just make a general page and not a fan page.

Videos and podcasts can also help you increase your value within the community. These short videos are useful to people and they can be important since it can help identify you as an expert in your topic. The more of an expert you are, the more potential clients remember who you are and will share the information to others. Always make sure that you have a link to your own website on every video and podcast that you have.

Use blogging to your advantage. You can add the videos to your blog which can make it more interesting to a greater number of people. Make the blog have useful content as well, since this can help you increase your web ranking and can make you more likely to have your name associated as the go to agent.

Useful content is so important to have on every post that you make because it gives people information instead of just an advertisement. This can also help make you known as an expert in the real estate business which in turn makes your posts more important to the people that need it. Search engines also use content to rank your web page on the results and you’re more likely to get your links for your site shares which makes your web presence grow.

Back linking is also important because you’re more likely to add traffic to your web sites with them. Add them to places like digg and Stumbleupon so that people can discover them and search engine spiders can find you easily.

Social media marketing is an affordable and easy way to get your agency to the public. You’ll be able to allow potential clients to find you and gain a larger web presence using this undervalued marketing plan.

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