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Message of “No Audio Device Error” is normally shown when the computer is not able to find any sort of audio devices working and installed on your computer. If this message is displayed then it means that you would not be able to listen to any kind of voice although in some computers there are small internal speakers in the CPU and you might be able to listen to the small beep sounds in such computers.

The procedure to fix this No Audio error is quite simple. First, go to the BIOS of the computer and set the audio option to the auto. If the error still persists then you should get hold of the audio drivers. Improper installation of the audio drivers is the reason behind this error message. To fix this problem pick up the manual that would have came with the device and find out the exact drivers needed for the audio device to work. Then see whether you have the same drivers but visiting the Audio device Manager in your computer. If the drivers are the same and correct then look for the connections and the audio device. Some times some wires are not connected or are loosely connected. Also it might be possible that the sound card might have been loosely connected. After fixing this in all probability your Audio device will work.

Now if the drivers are different then you might have got the audio drivers CD. Use it for installing the correct drivers. If you have misplaced your CD then you can visit the website of the manufacturer and download the required drivers. You can know about the make of the sound card by opening your computer and having a look at it. Also, check for the compatibility of the drivers with the operating system. In all probability, this will solve your problem of the No Audio error.

If the error persists then check the audio device on some other system and if it does not work on that system then it implies that your audio device has some issues. Visit the service center or the place from where you bought it and get it repaired or replaced. If it works on that system, then there is some issues with your system and you should see some service center for the repairs.

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