Mini Storage Auction Profit Techniques

June 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

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There are several techniques that are used in order to make the most profit off the contents. Many people have realized that there’s a profit from selling and reselling merchandise that are sold at mini storage auctions.

Most people who do profit from mini storage auctions get as much information as possible before the auction even occurs. In other words, they’ll call ahead for more information about what the contents might be, what type of auction contracts are available, what the method of payment is, and how far away the auction actually is in order to reduce travel expenses.

It’s easier said than done to justify the good stuff, but the fact is, you’re just as likely to wind up getting something that’s not worth much. You can minimize this risk by inspecting the items or at least taking a peek into the mini storage before bidding on it. You could notice a boom of jewelry or antiques, or you may just get a few boxes of family photographs and memories. Those who make a profit, place their bid very wisely in an estimation of contents and fuel costs to bring it home.

If you’ve telephoned before hand, there’s a good probability you’ll know if you get an opportunity to look at the contents. Therefore, those people who do make good profits arrive early enough to take a peak. Make yourself a quick inventory of what you see in the mini storage including brand names, appliances, furniture, and boxes that are clearly labeled. The most profitable is from furniture, major appliances, antiques and jewelry.

Naturally, exactly like any other business, you should keep the costs of selling your mini storage auction winnings to the minimum. This means that you need to find the least expensive method of advertising your contents for sale. Also, pay attention to what it’s going to cost you to transport the contents back to your location. Fuel is expensive, and if you don’t have ready access to a van or a truck, it can become expensive.

Don’t forget the quickest way to make money with your mini storage contents is to run an ad on Craig lists or have a yard sale. One day can dispose of a lot of your mini storage contents, and usually, at a profit.

Referring to the contents of your mini storage auction, you may also keep a look out into flea markets, renting space at one of the craft bazaars or even Farmer’s market. It’s all fitting in to what is contain inside; antiques, costume jewelry, jewelry, and a variety of other mini storage contents can be sold at these types of places quickly and easily.

Mini storage auctions can be a lot of fun. Make sure you bid accordingly, add an your transportation and sales costs, and then see if you can make a profit. Find out more on tips that would earn you extra more with mini storage auctions at