New Military Forum

July 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

A new forum has hit the market to accommodate the needs of military personnel that is looking for a place to share pictures, videos, display their ribbons, share experiences, talk to old and new friends, or find fiancial/tax information that pertains to those that have served. The forum has been created by an accounting office located in Plainfield, NJ.
Why may you ask? After contacting them the answer became quite clear, one of the co-owners of the company, Victor Quinn, is a former Marine. Since Victor’s past is linked to the military, it came natural for himself and his partner Nick to begin servicing the financial needs of former military personnel along with currently enlisted members as well. Victor mentioned, “After retiring from the Marine Corp, I felt as if I still had something to offer to the military but I was unsure exactly what that was. After much debate between my partner and I, we came up with the VAO Financial Brigade Forum.”
This Forum is quite unique from any other that can be found online. Victor and his partner go on to mention that the VAO Forum is the only of it’s kind to offer, for free to all registered members, a system to display ribbon racks. Victors partner, Nick, said they came up with the idea after reading complaints on other sites regarding the issue. Nick says, “We wanted to devise a system that remained somewhat simple to the user with a end result that someone would be proud of and I feel we have accomplished just that.”
The forum is fairly new and bringing in just a couple new members every couple of days. The concept seems great and the owners of VAO mentioned that the site will continue to grow just as long as the member population does. At the current time this company is looking for other organizations that would be a great addition to the team and has similar interests. In particular, they are looking for a veteran owned business or a entrepeneur with previous military experience due to the fact that the forum is military/finance based. After selecting companies that would be appropriate, a logo of the company will be placed within the forum. They want the overall process to benefit both veterans and those that still serve from a business standpoint. VAO understands the difficulty of coming home and becoming a civilian again so they want to try and structure a revenue stream for these soldiers to make life a little more easy.

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