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The “Nissan PLASMA” (Powerful & Economic, Light, Accurate, Silent, Mighty, Advanced) MA09ERT was based on the K10ET engine; Nissan attempted to improve performance and response by adding a supercharger to the (already turbocharged) MA10ET engine, which is a four-cylinder water-cooled OHC engine with a V-type valve arrangement and hemispherical combustion chambers, with sequential fuel injection.

The supercharger improved the response and the output in the low-rpm region (where turbochargers are typically less effective), and a new larger HT10 turbocharger aimed to improve output in the high-rpm regions. An intercooler and an updated intake manifold were added, the latter having a much larger throttle body and improved fuel rail. The result was an increase in output to 110ps (roughly 108bhp) from 74ps, and a much broader range of torque. Other changes included a reduction of engine capacity from 988cc to 930cc; this strengthened the engine by increasing the bore wall thicknesses by 1mm, and allowed cars using it to enter competition classes not otherwise possible due to rules on forced induction.

The first prototypes of these engines were installed in the March Superturbo R/March R (EK10FR type) in 1988, shortly after the engine was installed in the March Superturbo.

The MA09ERT was the first compound-charged engine available in Japan; compound charging combines the increased low-speed torque of supercharging with the increased high-speed torque and power of turbocharging. The presence of the supercharger also mimizes the effects of turbo lag.


Engine serial code: MA09ERT

Water-cooled 4 cylinder inline, air-air intercooler

Capacity: 930 cc

Combustion chamber shape: hemispherical

Valve system: SOHC

Bore stroke: 66.068.0 mm

Compression ratio: 7.7

Compression pressure: 100 million kgf/cm (10 terapascals) at 350 rpm

Max power (net): 110 PS (81 kW) at 6400 rpm

Max torque (net): 13.3 kgfm (130 Nm) at 4800 rpm

Specific fuel consumption (net): 255 g/(PSh) at 1200 rpm

Size (length width height: 705575680 mm

Maintenance weight: about 111 kg (manual transmission)

Valve timings

Inlet: 11.57

Exhaust: 57.17

Valve clearances Hot

Inlet: 0.25 mm

Exhaust: 0.30 mm

Idle rpm: M/T 750 and A/T 850

Ignition timing at idle: 15 BTDC

Oil System

Cold-weather model and 7.5 standard/W-30(SF class only for turbo)

Recommended oil grade: [turbo X]. 7.5W-30. (SG class for Nissan March Superturbo, SF for the Nissan March R)

Sump capacity: ~3.0 L

Oil filter capacity: ~0.2 L

SC oil capacity: 110 L

Shinteso MT150 made of NOK Cruba

Coolant capacity: ~4.0L

Exhaust gas purifier specifications

Fuel supply device: Nissan Motor NISSAN ECCS (Electronic Concentrated engine Control System)

Starting aids: Bimetal type air regulator

Air heating: Warm water heating on intake manifold.

Igniter: No point of contact type

Emission-reduction device: 3-way Catalyst type (monolith) and Falcat device

Catalytic converter capacity: 0.5L Maintenance target value: Idle CO/HC density of below 0.1% and 50 ppm respectively.

Air-fuel ratio control system: O2 sensor + ECCS control unit Ignition timing controller/control of Sscac: Electronic

Exhaust temperature warning device (preset temperature ): Fuse type (940)

Fuel evaporation (Ebapo) gas control device: Canister type

Crankcase emission control system: Close type.

Engine size

Cylinder block height (From the crank shaft center. ): 177mm

Cylinder block length: 360mm

Pitch between boas: P 79mm

Cylinder boa diameter: D 66mm

Stroke length: S 34mm

Crank shaft Journal diameter: bj 45mm

Crank shaft Pin diameter: db 40mm

Crank shaft The total length: L 398mm

Piston compression height: C 26.5mm

Conrod center spacing: Lc 114.5mm

Cylinder liner meat thickness: 3.5mm

Piston/piston pin

Construction material: Aluminum alloy

Skirt outside diameter: 65.967mm

Height: 51mm

Compression height: 26.5mm

Convex (concave) height of crown: 4.0mm

Crown irregularity capacity: 17.5mm

Pin length: 58mm

Outside diameter: 17.5mm

Engagement method of pin and Conrod: interference fit

Piston ring

The top BT: 1.5mm2.5mm

Outer shape: Barrel force

Surface treatment: Nitride processing

Second base BT: 1.5mm2.9mm

Outer shape: Taper

Surface treatment: Chrome plating Oil BT: 2.8mm2.8mm


Conrod center spacing: 14.5mm

Large edge diameter: (D) 43mm

Small edge diameter: (b)17.5mm

(push inside diameter)

Width of large edge: (B) 20.0mm

Width of small edge: (b) 20.0mm

Inside diameter of bearing: 40mm

Width: 17mm

Bolt Size of screw: M8

Length under neck: 44mm

Assembly weight: ~390 grams

Engagement method of piston pin: interference fit

Crank shaft specification

Total length: L 398.7mm

Pin diameter: dp 40mm

Journal diameter: dj 45mm

Stroke: S 34mm

Valve, valve guide and valve seat (intake/exhaust valves)

Valve diameter: 35mm / 30mm

Stem diameter: 7mm / 7mm

Valve spring


Line diameter: 3.8mm / 3.8mm

Average of coil level 23.8mm / 23.8mm

Installation load: 16.5kg / 16.5kg

Travel: 40.6mm / 40.6mm

Oil pump rotational speed: 750/1000/3000rpm

Exhalation pressure: ~2-4 kg/c

Injection valve opening pressure: 3.54.0kg/c

Camshaft specification

Part Intake/exhaust

Operation angle: 62/62 degrees

Amount of cam lift: 5.5/5.6mm

Central angle: 23/17 degrees

Overlap: 28 degrees

Timing belt and sprocket specification

Sprocket teeth on camshaft: 36

Sprocket teeth on water pump: 19

Sprocket teeth on crank: 18

Timing belt teeth: 91

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