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Eginni is a company which specializes in offshore development of logos and websites for their clients. Payloadz and Eginni have had a tie up for the purpose of enabling their clients for making money through their sales on Payloadz.

The collaboration has definitely helped in favor of both collaborates. Payloadz provides the facility of selling goods online for their clients and the only prerequisite for this is a premium account that needs to be signed with Payloadz for the further transactions.

Generally, the clients who wish to sell their products online contact Payloadz for their contracts and Payloadz is involved in convincing these clients about the benefits like money back guarantee and professional designs that they can reap by issuing their logo design and website design work to Eginni. With the logos designed, Payloadz reserves the right to set the prices for logos as per their wish.

Payloadz and Eginni provide loads of benefits to the consumers, but there are certain problems faced by them while providing utilities to their customers. The major problem of Payloadz is the turning down of customers. This issue is related to the customers visiting websites, but not being able to stick to these websites due to certain hurdles.

These hurdles being lot of content being put upon for a product which consumes larger time which the client cannot spare and hence he gives up the thought of getting logos designed for those. Thus raises another problem which is large bounce rate and is similar to the previous stated problem. The solution for these could be putting up less content in descriptions.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is that of the clients on Payloadz not being graphic designers but being a layman. Thus designs should be explained to the clients for better understanding and for the purpose of increasing business value. If all these problems are addressed properly the company can be even more beneficial to people than it is at present.

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Video reveals other auction sites like eBay. To download our free ebook which teaches how to earn k/month go here:

This video discusses these three other auction sites like eBay.

Each of these bidding sites has their advantages and disadvantages as discussed in the video. First, let’s look at eBid:

Auction Sites like eBay #1: eBid (

It is very large, with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of items listed at one time. It is open to 23 countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and even New Zealand. It gets over 60,000 pageviews a day.

The fee’s are much lower than on eBay. You have NO listing fee, which means you can list items risk-free. You also only pay a 3% success fee on items that you sell, which is much lower than eBay’s.

However, this is somewhat deceptive. A lot of buyers will want to use PayPal, and you’ll need to take into account PayPal’s extra fees. So your total fees are more like 4-5%.

Overall, because it is risk-free to list your items I suggest that everyone cross-lists their items onto eBid. You have nothing to lose and if you make a sale on there instead of eBay, you get to keep more money and make a greater profit. Because of the large userbase and no-listing fees, this is my favorite of the auction sites like eBay.

Auction Sites like eBay #1: ePier (

Another bidding site with “e” in front of the name just like eBay, this one is very unique. It has NO fees whatsoever, but again, this is extremely deceptive because many sellers will still want to use PayPal to be safe. Therefore, you’ll still have to pay PayPal fees.

But what makes this especially unique is that it isn’t a standard eBay clone. Instead, it looks like a wiki. It is community run and not run by a corporation. So you have no resolution center to protect you if a sale goes bad.

Because of that, I do recommend cross-listing items but only sell items with tracked postage. As a seller you need to protect yourself from false PayPal disputes which are more likely to happen in this non-moderated site.

Auction Sites like eBay #1: OnlineAuction (

This is a huge site, which hundreds of millions of dollars of items listed on it too, which is great. It is corporation-run and it is moderated.

The important thing to note here is it’s unique fee structure. There are no listing fees, and no success fees. Sounds great, right? The catch is there is a flat monthly fee you must pay to be a seller. This will let you list and sell unlimited items… for .

And once again don’t fall into the trap of forgetting PayPal fees too!

Therefore, I recommend OnlineAuction to sellers that have a lot of items to cross-list. This is because you’ll want to sell at least worth of goods to break-even with the fees you’d have otherwise paid on eBay. The more items you have to list, the more likely you are to sell that much. If you’re new and don’t have many items to list, you’re less likely to break even and risk losing money so I don’t recommend it.

I hope you enjoyed this video which reveal other auction sites like eBay. For more great information on making money selling goods online, download our free ebook which teaches you how to make k/month dropshipping online:
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