Police and Government Auctions – Secrets to Finding Seized Vehicles For $300

August 25, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Here is a well kept secret that only a few people are aware of. If you visit a local government auction you can purchase a car or almost any type of vehicle for just $ 300.

So how is this possible? Frequently, vehicles that are not sold during the auction bidding are available afterward for a set price of $ 300. The government will strive to sell every single vehicle because they do not want to bother with storing the cars after the auction ends.

While I was looking through vehicle listings at my preferred government auction site, I discovered that a number of cars were posted with the following: ‘Should this car not be sold, it can be purchased after auction for $ 300.’

I investigated by calling the contact numbers listed to confirm with the police auctions directly. I was surprised to find out that because of the recent economic hardship, the number of cars and trucks available for $ 300 has gone up. A lot of the auctions had more cars available than buyers willing to bid for them. This is because car dealerships already have a lot of inventory and are not in a position to add more. What’s impressive is that most of the vehicles are in good to great condition.

The only thing you’ll require is a government auction membership ($ 39), which will give you the details on nearby auctions and what you’ll find at each one, including car listings. Its a great time saver though as you wouldn’t find all these details on one site, plus you’ll also find many items including car parts, foreclosed homes, furniture, electronics, office equipment, jewelry, etc. for cents on the dollar.

After you have identified vehicle auctions you can attend, arrive earlier then the advertised time to inspect vehicles, consider which vehicles meet your criteria, offer a bid, or even better, purchase cars and trucks that weren’t sold during the auction, for $ 300 a vehicle (check in advance as policies will vary by auction).

There is further information available on the government and police car auctions site if you don’t know about this auctions process. You’ll be surprised at what you can get for $ 300. I purchased 2 cars, then sold them to pay for my 98 beamer, which I currently love driving.

To locate, review or research these police and government auction car sites and receive a ‘how to buy a used car’ book visit Police Auctions or to see home page visit Government Auctions.

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