Police Work and Equipment

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Being a Police officer is one of the most respected and demanding jobs in the world right now. Not only are they keeping the peace, but also regularly risking their lives to protect people almost every day. Not only do they risk their lives every day, but they also carry around more than 20 pounds of equipment at all times. From guns, to batons, to flashlights, to handcuffs and mace, these things are being carried at all times by cops.

Carrying all these things can be a difficult task for a lot of people and because of that, being a cop is not for everybody. You have to have the strength and endurance to work with a lot of weight and still be able to take bad guys down. Police officers are responsible for apprehending criminals, maintaining public order, crime prevention and detection. Police officers are sworn to an oath, and are granted the power to arrest and imprison suspects.

With all these responsibilities Police Officers want to make sure that their Police Equipment is not going to fall off or be a hassle to get to. That’s why police belts and suspenders are such a big deal.

Police officers may patrol on foot, but most commonly have some form of transport. Due to the crazy day to day work, police officers often come across many dangerous situations in the course of their career.

Officers face a higher risk of physical injury, infectious diseases or in some cases, death. They also have the potential for emotional disorder due to the high stress and the way police work goes down. These dangers can come in many different ways, such as the investigation, pursuit, and apprehension of criminals.

There are also motor vehicle stops, crimes, response to terrorism, intervention in domestic disputes, investigating traffic accidents, and directing traffic and many, many more tasks that come up every day.

With all these dangers, having equipment that will not fail is of the highest priority. From sturdy handcuffs, to clean firing guns to bulletproof vests, all of these have to work with precision to do the job right.

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