Purchasing Cars at Vehicle Salvage Auctions

June 30, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

You can save a lot of money if you go to the vehicle salvage auctions and buy cars, trucks, boats or travel trailers. There are lots of new reseller programs available, which enables people to purchase those auctions without a dealer license. More than 140 auctions offer this kind of program and link to authorized dealers.


Whether buying a vehicle for yourself or to sell and make money, it’s a great way to search, compare, bid and buy all from your computer. There are transportation services that will bring the vehicles right to your front door or export them overseas. There are also appraisal services that will inspect the vehicles.


The different auction websites have search options that will allow you to search by make, model, year range, location, facility, and title type. This is a real time saver, as there are thousands of vehicles auctioned each week.


The first step is to register with an authorized dealer/reseller. These are auto dealers that are approved by auctions to be in the reseller programs. There is normally a refundable deposit and registration fee to begin. The registration fees and vehicle purchase can be paid through various means, including, wire transfers or credit cards. Once paid, the member receives a bidder number and password where they can start bidding and buying- all from their own computer.


The member will first perform searches to find vehicles that they are interested in. They may put these on a watch list. Most auctions have the option to bid before the auction or during a live virtual auction.
The auctions also have transportation and appraisal services.


Once the member has bid and won the vehicle with the highest bid, they can pay and pick up the vehicle. A few authorized dealers have instructional videos for the overall bidding and buying process.


Buying at auction is an exciting way to purchase a vehicle. With the new programs the general public can participate in the same auctions with dealers that have been purchasing this way for decades.


Lawrence Hall is a Certified Master Tech and Brake and Lamp Inspector. A&A Truckee Tahoe/AAAuto has been in the automotive business for over 30 years. We are a California auto dealer, BAR repair station, and Brake and Lamp inspection station. We are also a Copart Authorized Reseller. Visit us a http://www.aaauto.com