Scottsdale Auction: Auctions In Spanish

June 19, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

This country will discuss multilingual Scottsdale auctions. According to the US Census completed in 2000 almost 11% of Americans speak Spanish as their only language and many Americans whose first language is Spanish speak Spanish in their homes over 48% of English as a second language speakers as more comfortable speaking in their native language. So it only makes sense with a growing population of Spanish speaking Americans that Scottsdale auctions should be multi-lingual in Spanish and English.

Being in the Southwest we have learned that our Spanish speaking customers try very hard to understand the Scottsdale auction process. We also have come to find out that specifically our Mexican-American attendees are big fans of the Scottsdale auction process where goods are sold for reuse. Many native Americans who were raised in a disposable society are not so keen on owning someone’s leftovers but our Mexican-American buyers are far more conservative with spending and understand that by purchasing at Scottsdale auction they can make their dollar stretch further.

Additionally many of our Mexican-American buyers and sellers have strong connections in Mexico and Central and South American countries where the need for certain products that would be considered outdated to US buyers are still very desirable. What does that mean to the auctioneer – A buying public that is willing to pay good money for near obsolete items.

I can just hear some of you saying “If someone wants to attend my Scottsdale auction, they can just learn English like everyone else.” And of course it would be nice if we could stop time and progress to accommodate what we already know and that to which we feel comfortable. However what we know is that the auction industry will move forward whether we choose to move with it or not. Computerized clerking, satellite broadcasting, simulcast auctions, EBay and so on prove that our industry is moving at a very fast pace. And to be small-minded that everyone should do it “your way” is what has opened room for competition throughout American companies. If you are not willing and accepting of accommodating a multi-lingual Scottsdale auction community another company will be more than willing to step up to the challenge.

If the growth of our population continues to accumulate as current trends predict, the 28 million Americans that only speak Spanish in the year 2000 will multiply to 42 million Americans in the year 2010. That is a huge and tremendous market that all auctioneers should be embracing for their business growth in the future. And to being the process of incorporating Spanish into your Scottsdale auctions is not a master of business reengineering. Just begin to use Spanish numbers inside of the masterful English chant.

Many Scottsdale auction schools are now teaching Spanish chanting as part of the regular curriculum and the process to learn the chant is a small time commitment. You won’t be fluent but your Spanish speaking attendees will be faster to bid the dollar amount you are asking and will be grateful for your attempts to incorporate their first language into your business.

Deb Weidenhamer is President of Auction Systems, the Southwest’s most active auction and appraisal company, as featured in TLC’s newest reality show, AUCTIONEER$ . Contact us for more information about Scottsdale auctions.