Selling Private Label Rights Products: Online Auction Website Pitfalls

June 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

Armed with your newly-acquired PLR license it is tempting to get on with the business of selling your product by any means possible. However if you want to maximize your returns it pays to take just a little time out to consider the sales strategies you intend to use. Deciding where to sell could end up being a crucial decision and make the difference between you making money on your PLR product or making a loss instead.

The product developer may have included a sales letter or even a website template to help you sell your product but the overall selling stragegy is now down to you. Nobody is going to sell the product for you and, assuming you have chosen a sought-after product to begin with, how much money you make will be down to how hard (and how smartly) you work.

Marketing is part art and part science which means that while there are certain things you can do to achieve the best returns it is not possible to predict the precise results from any given strategy. Your aim will be to make as much profit as you can from the product in question and to do this you have to make as many sales as you possibly can.

The ‘art’ part of selling means that a strategy which works well for one marketer may not work well for another and even a strategy which proves successful for one product may produce disappointing results for a different item. Online classified adverts, website sales letters, video sales letters and online auction sites are all valid marketing tools but whatever you use you will have to monitor results to determine what is working and what is not.

Using online auction websites is a natural first choice for many PLR product sellers but the returns may not be as good as they once were. On the plus side they are fast, efficient and cheap to use however a major downside is that there is immense competition for PLR product sales on such sites. This means if you have bought a product which you have either not rebranded or cannot rebrand due to the terms of the licence you might be directly competing with other PLR owners selling exactly the same product as you.

An obvious point here is that you may not be able to command the price you may want on these sites because if exactly the same or a very similar product is available at a better price then your rival will get most, if not all of the sales.

Also many people who buy from these sites are looking for a bargain so will actively be looking for rival products at a lower price. The temptation here is to lower your prices so you get most of the sales but then you erode your profit margins and also reduce the perceived value of your product.

For this reason many PLR product sellers prefer to avoid online auction sites and instead drive traffic to a sales page on a dedicated website where the product is not fighting for attention with rival PLR offerings. The main advantage of selling through your own website is that you are attracting potential customers to a place where only your product is being advertised. If the visitor likes what they see then they are more likely to buy from you than if they were surfing an auction site where comparisons with other products are easier to make.

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