Some Antique Glass Would Catch Ones Eyes

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A piece of antique glass would definitely catch your eye even if it is in a room full of other ornate items. These exquisite pieces come in diverse shapes and sizes and add to the decor of your interiors. You can always buy an antique glass piece and use it as a showpiece. You will find every other visitor enquiring about it and asking where they will find one for their homes as well. The stained glass found in cathedrals is a classic example of such glass.

Till late 18th century, glassware was not introduced in the domestic realm although glass usage had been common for several years. Any glassware dating back more than 75 years is usually listed under the type of antique glass. However, experts in this field prefer to define this glass as ‘collectibles’ than an antique.

Not every one shares same thoughts and there are few who consider that time should not be the sole factor in determining a piece to be antique. Their suggested parameters are rarity, how exclusive it is and how much demand it has in the like dealings. To top all there is the question of authenticity too. Before buying you should take it to a specialist or ask for the guarantee of authenticity from the store.

Antique glass need not always be clear class, like the ones in the form of crystals. A piece of stained glass can also be a piece of antique. In the case of clear glass, it creates a beautiful pattern of light when light passes through it and is reflected on walls or ceiling whereas colored glass tends to shimmer when light falls on it thereby creating a radiant aura surrounding it.

There are numerous varieties of antique glass. Some of the most popular variants are opalescent glass, Victorian glass, Depression glass, carnival glass etc. They are known for their characteristic features. Two more collectors’ favorite pieces are Flint and American pattern glasses.

Thanks to increasing exposure and information available over Internet, you can get hold of a fine piece of antique glass at many places. You can go online if you want to run a quick glance through the stores and their collections before hitting the road. But do a little homework before venturing out. Study about the history of the piece you are interested in and is the price justified with nearly similar articles available in market.

If you assess antique glass, you will find that carnival glass is the hottest favorite among the collectors. They are available in abundant of colors. The exterior of the glass has a reddish tinge due to the procedure of making. When this kind of glass was first introduced, it did not gain much popularity. One of the reasons behind it was the high price.

Depression glass is another popular antique glass. It has been named so because this variety was manufactured for the first time when United States was into the Great Depression. The leading manufacturers of Depression glass were Federal Glass, Macbeth Evans etc. Timing of its introduction had made the availability easier. People could buy it in lieu of quite a marginal price and the companies stayed afloat. The most popular colors that are found are different shades of blue, pink and green.

With the availability of such diverse forms of glass, it is difficult to choose the best antique glass for your home. No matter what you choose be careful to keep it at a safe place, preferably out of the reach of children. You definitely do not want your precious antique glass to shatter into pieces while your kids enjoy a session of play

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