Sullivan County NY Small Business Grants

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Due to lesser population, the Sullivan County and all its municipalities are eligible for federal granting under the New York State Small Cities Community Development Block grant program. The county and its municipalities provide funding to low to moderate income families in the form of grants to rehabilitate their existing homes, provide assistance to new homeowners and also to the landlords to repair their houses.

The grants are awarded to those programs which address the code issues, structural concerns, handicap accessibility, insulation and upgrading systems to increase energy efficiency and assist the owners in reducing their electricity bills. The Rural Sullivan Country Housing Opportunities provide rehabilitation funds for existing homeowners.
Sullivan Renaissance, a beautification and community development program, funded by the Gerry Foundation has given 64 grants to the Sullivan County worth over $ 65,000 in nine categories for beautifying and for helping the projects for the community development. Since 2001, Sullivan Renaissance has funded hundreds of projects throughout Sullivan County. Grants for municipal clean up projects and technical assistance are also awarded. Additional mini-grants, seasonal demonstration grants and environmental initiative grants are also awarded.

As the small businesses are the backbone of the nation’s economy, the Government helps the individuals for starting or expanding their businesses by way of business grants. The various business needs of the small business owners are met with the help of this money given through grants.

It would be better to take the help of a guide for applying for any of the government grants so that the requirements are clearly mentioned in the application without any mistakes and without wasting the time and effort. The government offers many grants for different purposes and hence the relevant and applicable grant is to be selected from the various types of financial assistant grants. The grant proposal should be flawless, clear, readable and understandable and there should be nothing missing in it. The free government grants are to be used only for the purpose as mentioned in the grant application.

The application for grants will not get approved unless it is accompanied along with a detailed business plan. They will have to prepare a clear expenses budget and submit to the grant giver so as to establish that the business grants are being fully utilized by them for that particular business. By providing the complete details and definitions of the future projects, they should impress the grant reviewer about the proper use of the grants.
The financial position of the applicants is not taken into consideration while awarding the grants. The applicants are not required even to provide any collateral security and deposits. Government grants are not given for any personal expenses or pay off the debts of the applicants. The additional services provided by the grant givers include, free business advise to minimize the new business start up management costs, management training, business site selection, employee training, Research and Development. Free money grants are also available in most states for women or minorities who want to start a new business.

Small Business Grant Source:

Learn the application procedures, various funding sources for specific types of businesses and eligibility criteria for small business grants. You can find the most comprehensive information on availing of small business grants by visiting this online guide on grants here

Apart from the Government, there are several foundations that liberally offer grants for several purposes. Visit this Grant Foundation Guide to know how to avail of free grants from private foundations. Also, check out the Education Grants Guide to find the best sources for all types of education grants.

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