Are There First Time Home Buyer Benefits to Buying a Home?
first time buyers Guide
August 20, 2017 Online Auction
Computers are probably responsible for more anger therapy sessions than golf games and three-year olds combined. A necessity for modern life, laptops come in a befuddling array of screen sizes, proces Read More
First Home Buyer Checklist
August 6, 2017 Online Auction
Buying a home for the first time can be one of the most exciting times in your life – it can also be one of the most complicated too! However, if you’re prepared for it, buying a home does Read More
First Time Home Buyers Tips
June 23, 2017 Online Auction
With so many foreclosure and short sale Scottsdale properties to choose from, many first time home-buyers arelooking to score great houses at fantastic prices. Before signing your name on the dotted l Read More