The Benefits of Buying at Used Car Auctions

August 6, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

When the economy is in a downturn, as the case has been in this past year, there is a trend where people look to save money in various ways. Buying a vehicle at used car auctions is a great way to save money, but there are other benefits as well. As well as saving money, some of the other benefits include dealing with reputable professionals, potential transferable warranties and high quality vehicles.

One of the biggest advantages to used car auctions is that there are no private sales. The reason this is good is that it means there are no scams, such as bogus wire transfers. Private sales can also sometimes exploit a variety of common deceptive practices. By contrast, government car auctions are known to be reputable sellers. The auction houses generally provide full disclosure of the vehicles, including Carfax reports and any other car history details.

Another benefit of government car auctions is that you can save a lot of money. There are many opportunities that can help you get cars at close to or below normal trade-in prices. It helps to know the market value and condition of the vehicle you are interested in. You can find the current value by researching the Kelley Bluebook. Following this advice will help you get the best price on the car of your dreams. Sometimes, the deals on used cars are amazing. In some cases, government auctions can present savings up to 95% off of the original value of the car. In general you should try not to pay much more than the bluebook listing.

Quite often cars that go to auction to be sold are only 2-3 years old. This could be a big plus, as many of them may still have a warranty that is transferable. Remember, though that buying at used auto auctions often means buying it “as is”. Although warranties may be transferable, you will need to confirm this with the auction house. Extended warranties can also be purchased from a third party company, so even if no other warranties apply you can still invest in some protection.

A great bonus to most government car auctions is that they usually have high-quality, well-maintained vehicles. Although used car auctions rarely offer any kind of guarantee, the high quality of the vehicles at government auctions can minimize your risk. In addition, the customer service is usually excellent. There will also be auction consultants on the floor, ready to help you with all your questions.

Take advantage of these great benefits to buying at government used car auctions and you could be driving home in your fantasy car, or even creating a little income on the side from buying and selling vehicles.

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