The Value Of Using Sentence Level Transitions

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How often do you use transitions in your writing? Many writers may ignore the importance of transitions but they didn’t actually know that these kind of words or phrases can contribute greatly to their writing.

If there are transitions, then there is also a transition sentence. it usually make your sentences clearer and it shows how a transition sentence is related to the previous sentence in your content.

There are different purposes of using a transition and it usually depends on how you connect ideas from your previous statement to the next one.

All you need to do is to be aware about the different transitions in writing and how you will use them in one of your sentences.

Even though transitions are important in your sentences, many writers usually abuse its worth.

Like for example when they are writing and sometimes they feel like they are being pressures or just don’t care anything at their writing at all, they often use too much transitions which can make your content worst.

There are instances where you’ve been using redundant words or phrases if you add a transition in your sentence. These problems are very common to writers since they get to use transition sentence in their writing without knowing how to properly right it for the benefit of their content.

Even though transition writing mistake is not that obvious for a writer to check, but in the eyes of your readers, these mistakes are very visible in their eyes. As a result, they will eventually feel discourage and uninterested with what you are writing.

Most people are used to transitions on the paragraph level. After all, that’s frequently hammered onto us by many writing lessons. However, you should pay some amount of attention to your sentence level transitions too, as these sentence connectors are the defining element that decrees how well each individual paragraph in your piece is going to turn out.

Building coherent thought requires more than spouting separate sentences and letting readers connect the dots. You need your sentence level transitions for that. This is made even more important by the shorter pauses between paragraphs. The shorter the pause, the more important a transition is because there’s little to break flow from one thought to another.

These sentence connections can be either:

Simple. Ideally, connecting words should simple one-word affairs. If a single word fits, then go for it every time. Words such as “although,” “however,” “despite,” “if” and “therefore” make very good simple connectors.

Complex. Sometimes, the connection between sentences is simply more complex than what a single word can manage. In these situations, you can use connectors such as “as you may have noticed,” “in addition” and “a more likely.”

Whichever one you use, make sure that your connectors reflect the necessary flow of ideas between each of the sentences you’re tying up together. Most writing software include a list of suggestion for transitionary words and phrases, in case you have trouble coming up with the right one.

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