The World of Antique Wall Clocks

July 30, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

In this article we are going to be taking a look at antique wall clocks. Where can you get them? How much can you expect to pay? Do they work all right generally? All these questions and more will be looked at, because I know that not everyone is all that familiar with antiquing, or at least the wall clock variety. It is a fairly specialized field. You also have to be a bit wary of some sellers who would want to rip you off. Always verify the validity of any claims that seem a bit outlandish or overpriced to you. Often, our guts are surprisingly on point in a situation like this.

In the antique clocks world, there is no bigger field than wall clocks. This represents the majority of what is currently out there. There is a big market for watches too, but not as big as wall clocks. That is because their history goes back so far and they also represent a much more displayable antique. They are very versatile and can be used in modern design as well as specialized displays.

Some popular types of antique wall clocks include Rococo, Art Deco, Cuckoo clocks, and of course Coca Cola brand clocks. The online marketplace has caused a great market to spring up for the exchange of all these and more. You could say that “antiques are back and are here to stay – for good”. Whatever you can even imagine has probably been created at some point in time or another, and is likely up for sale somewhere on the web, be it eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, or elsewhere. Many antique collectors have their own websites on which they put most if not all of their inventory up for sale. After browsing around for a little while you will start to get a good feel for pricing and what is or isn’t a deal.

The true history of antique wall clocks goes all the way back to the 1700’s in France. These were quite extravagant clocks laced in gold, with Roman numerals, cherubs, and myriad other elements and designs. From this extravagant beginning sprung a whole host of other designs from the drab to the super expensive; from the absurd to the practical. It is really a fun area to collect in, I must say.

Cuckoo clocks in particular are an area of endless fascination. They come out of Germany’s Black Forest originally. It is almost hard to believe these days that someone way back then would have been able to even find a market for such a hilarious and charming invention. Of course, many knock-offs have occurred since then, and they can be purchased for much less than an authentic cuckoo clock, but they are still a lot of fun.

I hope this gives you a pretty good overview and starting place in searching out antique wall clocks. Remember as always to let your heart be your guide. The worth of these items shows no signs of slowing in growth.

It’s not easy to find good bargains on antique wall clocks, so you might need to spend some time researching the options. You’ll find more info on the various types of antique wall clocks, such as the pendulum wall clock, at

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