There Is A Second Half Sentence Of “I Love You”, Do You Know?

September 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Online Auction

There Is A Second Half Sentence Of “I Love You”, Do You Know?


Actually there is a second half sentence of “I Love You”…..

“I love you but I cannot let others know that.”

“I love you but I cannot have a meet with you.”

“I love you but I have to leave immediately and forever.”

“I love you but I cannot marry with you.”

“I love you but I think it is better for us to part.”

In the end, I finally understand at many time, “I love you” is just the first half sentence, there is a second half sentence which is more important. Due to the matting of the first half sentence, there is no lofty of the second half sentence: due to the modification of the first half sentence, the second half sentence appears more beautiful.

Actually we all understand “I love you” is not like the word dining, which cannot be spoken out so random.

Even at some times, when we say the words, there is some color of dream glinting here.

Sanctity, the sentence cannot be tempted and controlled by any external forces.

Sanctity, there is no any pressure of benefits.

It can pass through all the winds and storms in the world.

It shall warm and moisten two lonely souls.

“I love you” will bring lovers into beautiful dreams. But there will be finally one day, on the day that love in the dream has been polluted its sanctity and purity, becoming dirty and terrible.

While “I love you” has become a cloth for you to cover up scandal, which will be broken at the slightest touch and make people painful.

Actually it does not matter. Let us see carefully “I love you but I love myself more.”

Everything can be forgotten! Actually this is the nature of human.

For many people, they cannot forget the first one on their life who said “I love you”, what’s more they have said to more than one person the sentence through their whole life.

But I still believe that I LOVE YOU.

Maybe we will hear many times of the same sentence in our life, there is no wonder that the one who said the sentence is just the same one we love, however we will still be moved when our lover says this sentence.

Perhaps, sometimes, when facing the three characters, there are really some questions we need to ask:

How can we fulfill love?

How can we express love?

How can we maintain love?

How can w keep love?

If you have never thought about those questions clearly, then you should not speak out “I love you” so randomly, actually the answers we really want to hear is as following:

“I love you, would you like to spend your whole life with me?”

“I love you, this will make me happy. Is it OK for us to become happy together?”

Thus when two persons in the world finally decide to stay together for their whole life, the sentence “I love you” has come to a successful issue. It has really written over and spoken clearly its full meanings.

The sentence “I love you” we said when we are young, which is just the first half. Hope all the lovers in the world will find the one who can company you for the rest of your life. Happy every day!

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